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Ms Cann

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Math, Social Studies and Science

Dear Families and Friends,

Hello! Many parents ask me, "How can I help my student at home?" Here are some ideas:

  • Practice math addition facts at the dinner table, on the car ride to school, in the bathtub! Every minute adds up and helps!
  • Have math discussions using words such as "greater, more, bigger, smaller, less than..etc." Using such words in conversations and relating them to everyday objects helps your child build his/her understanding of quantity and helps build thier number sense.
  • Take your child to the grocery store and involve he or she in the process. Compare quantities, prices, or coupons - not only is it fun, but it helps build a conscientious consumer who understands pricing and money values!
  • Most importantly,, look over the material sent home in each Tuesday folder. Read, sign, and discuss it with your child. Corrected work, often with suggestions attached, are important conversation starters and help you connect with your child!

Maybe you have a special way of engaging your child in Math conversations? Please let me know and I will add them to this list, with your permission!

Please check my site often as I will post important skill information, weekly newsletters, and special event information. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions at the above email, and please also look at the MHES Events Calendar for the latest school event information. Our newsletters now come home on Tuesdays in the purple Tuesday Folder.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Cann

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