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Food Lion + Madison Heights Elementary School Staff= Increased Math Success

Madison Heights Elementary School is excited to announce our First Annual Food Lion Math Night!!

What better way to experience Math than in a real world application setting! Students will be completing age-appropriate Math activities throughout the store.   We are hoping you will join us as your child applies what they have been learning in school.  What a great way to have fun with your child/children.

When:  Thursday, October 16th, 2014

The Great SouthEast ShakeOut!

Girl Scouts are coming to Madison Heights!

We can't wait to start the fun! We had a big turn out for the Open House on Tuesday, September 23rd. Look for more information to come home in about 2-3 weeks as they organize leaders to start troops.

Thinking Maps

 Check out this website for more detailed information:

 Each week your child will be introduced to a new map. So far we have implemented:


School Supply List for 2014-2015

About the new School Websites

Dear Parents, Staff and Community,

Welcome to the new ACPS School Websites! Why the change you might ask? For our parents and guardians the plan is to make the school websites uniform and similar in layout. The thought behind this is if a parent has children in more than one school they can easily navigate across multiple sites when looking for the same information. It has been years since the launch of the old sites and it is time for a new look and feel.

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